Complete Detailing

Complete Detailing

A complete detailing of your vehicle is no small feat. It involves more than just a car wash and vacuuming the carpets. A complete detailing makes your vehicle show-room clean inside and out.

On the outside, we thoroughly clean your vehicle with a soap to remove most of the loose dirt and other contaminants. Then we dry the vehicle with microfiber towels.

If needed, we may need to use techniques to remove difficult contaminants like tar, tree sap, bugs and other materials that soap won’t take off.

The surface may need “claying” with a clay bar to remove contaminates that make your paint feel bumpy.

Then we will apply wax or a spray sealant to protect the paint between washings.

We thoroughly clean your wheels to remove tough grime and brake dust. Once the wheels are clean, the tires are thoroughly cleaned and tire dressing it applied.

On the inside of the car, we vacuum carpet and fabrics. We then wipe down plastics and leather using safe cleaners and microfiber towels. We use brushes to remove any and all dust that collect in hard to reach areas around the interior.

We are always careful not to scratch clear and opaque interior and dashboard plastics.

We then shampoo the carpets and use fabric cleaners on the seats. We may apply carpet and fabric protectants, if requested, to make your interior’s appearance last longer and easier to clean. 

Last but not least, we will clean your glass on the inside to make it crystal clear.

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