Kentucky To Remove Confederate Statues, Would You Support The Removal Of Martin Luther King Statues As Well?

The Mayor of Kentucky wants to remove all Confederate statues. The mayor is accelerating the process. As long as we are erasing American history, would you support the removal of all Martin Luther King statues as well?


Popular Leftist Outlet Calls For “The Blowing Up Mount Rushmore”

With the way things are going right now I foresee another eight years of President Trump.
From Inforwars: Classic signs of a Communist take over are so obvious now there is no denying it. Even VICE has called for the destruction of Mouth Rushmore.
The left-leaning website Vice quickly changed a headline and deleted a related tweet Thursday after calling for Mount Rushmore to be blown up.An article published by author Wilbert T. Cooper initially carried a headline which read, “Let’s Blow Up Mount Rushmore,” which was later changed to “Let’s Get Rid of Mount Rushmore.”
The article was also sent out on the publication’s Twitter feed, before it was quickly deleted.

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Nancy Pelosi Calls Minorities White Supremacists reported: A “Patriot Prayer Rally” scheduled in San Francisco is being blocked by Nancy Pelosi who called the meeting a white supremacist event.

The rally’s organizer Joey Gibson joined Tucker Carlson to confirm that it has nothing to do with white supremacy and only one of the eight planned speakers is white.

“It’s really just about what’s on the inside. What you believe, your heart, your soul. It has nothing to do with skin color,” Gibson said.

Gibson also added, “I can give you my word that we aren’t going to allow any white supremacists in, we’re not going to let any Nazi’s in. In fact our speakers will be very upset, because they’re all of color, if we have any Nazi’s or white supremacists in there.”

Gibson explained how Pelosi calling the event a white supremacist meeting is an irresponsible lie that only causes more division and puts the speakers and attendees in danger.

“What she’s doing is making it more dangerous for San Francisco. She’s trying to rile up her citizens so they’ll come down and chase us out and it’s going to create more violence and put more people in danger.”

He closed out the segment by asking, “How would you feel as a white supremacist if you went to a rally and there was only one white speaker?” Check out our source here.

Alex Jones Gets Attacked On The Street By Delusional Alt-Left Coward/Snowflake

A liberal threw boiling hot coffee on founder Alex Jones Friday, as he attempted to film a live report about the terror attack in Barcelona. Check out the full video below.


Police In “Tolerant Finland” Shoot “Unidentified” Man Who Went On Stabbing Rampage

There is no surprise something like this would happen in one of the most culturally tolerant places on Earth. No word on the guys ethnic background. But I’m sure if he was white they would not hesitate to tell the whole World about it. reported: Police in Finland have shot a man who reportedly stabbed several people in the city of Turku.

Witnesses reporting hearing multiple gunshots and seeing at least one person lying lifeless on the ground at the city centre’s market square.

At least two people more people have been injured, according to Finland’s national broadcaster Yle.

A reporter at the scene said the body on the ground had been covered.

South-West Finland police tweeted: “Several people stabbed in central Turku. People are requested to avoid the city centre.”

They added the suspected attacker had been shot in the leg and taken into custody.

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Newsweek: “President Trump Just Six Senate Votes Away From Impeachment”

I’m probably not the only one who thinks that if these traitors impeach President Trump that there very well could be a civil war.

Newsweek reported: At some point in 2019 (if not sooner) a Republican Senator may walk into the Oval Office and say to President Trump: “Mr. President, we don’t have the votes,” at which point the Trump presidency will end in a resignation or a conviction in the Senate.

This scenario actually occurred forty-three years ago this summer when Republican Senator Barry Goldwater walked into the Oval Office and told Republican President Richard Nixon that they didn’t have the votes in the Senate to save his presidency.

Following impeachment in the House, a trial takes place in the Senate. Conviction requires two-thirds of the Senate and by my count there are already twelve senators who have shown a willingness to take on the president when they believe he is in the wrong.

If you add that to the forty-eight Democrats in the Senate (who have shown no inclination to work with this President), Donald Trump could be six votes away from conviction in the Senate.

Of course this assumes that the forces now in motion continue on their same trajectory and result in an impeachment vote. They are: the investigations into the Trump campaign; evidence of weakness in the Republican base ; historical trends indicating a possible Democratic takeover in the House; and, last but not least, defiance in the Senate.

This last trend should be particularly worrisome for the president. Article I of the Constitution gives them the last word on the presidency. And yet instead of making friends in the Senate, Trump has done exactly the opposite. Check out our source here.